How to create the perfect reading nook

As the weather gets colder and the days darker, there’s nothing more satisfying than cosying up with a good book. Allocating a small corner of your home as a snug little reading nook, provides the perfect place to relax and get lost in a book.

If you’re determined to create a special space designed solely for snuggling up and reading this winter, take a look at the following ideas of how to create a perfect reading nook.

Choose a space with natural daylight

Ideally, there should be natural daylight filtering into your reading nook, so the space is less reliant on artificial lighting and provides maximum light for reading.

Allocating a window area can be the perfect space to transform into a reading nook, particularly in there’s a good view from the window.

Incorporate a fireplace into your reading corner

If you have a real fireplace at home or a woodburning stove, then integrate this warm and cosy feature into your space designated for burrowing down with a good book.

Flames flickering over logs, a hot mug of tea and a gripping read, is all but guaranteed to instantly relax you after a hard day at work.

Cosy up your reading corner with cushions, throws and rugs

Fabric plays an important part in maximising the comfort and appeal of a nook designed for reading. Ensure there’s a comfortable and enticing rug on the floor, to help keep your feet warm and optimise the cosy appeal of the corner.

Place soft throws and cushions on the chair or settee of your reading corner to ensure the place you snuggle up to read is as warm and comfortable as possible.

Define your reading corner

Make your cosy nook stand out by defining it from the rest of the room by painting the space in a different colour. Opt for a warm and comforting colour scheme to give the space additional cosy appeal, such as rich reds, soft blues, moody greens or mustard yellows.

Let there be books

There’s nothing quite like bookshelf laden with books to denote a space designated for reading. While a reading nook should be void of clutter and mess, placing a bookshelf in the space will help define it for its sole purpose – relaxing with a great book.

With a space in the home this warm, inviting and comfortable, you run the risk of not wanting to leave!

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