How to create the perfect basement renovation

Renovating a basement is a great way to create more space in a house. This highly useful additional room can be used as a home office, bedroom, snug, children’s playroom, or whatever space you require.

When renovating a basement, there’s certain ‘rules’ to follow to increase the living space to the maximum.

Take a look at how to create the perfect basement renovation.

Create a focal point in the room

Basements can often lack character, so no matter what your basement renovation is used for, it should ideally have a focal point.

For example, a woodburning stove would craft a welcoming focal point in your basement living space, while making the room significantly cosier and more inviting.

If you can’t install a real woodburning stove, opt for the next best thing, an electrical fire that’s made to look like an authentic stove.

Use underfloor heating

It’s not uncommon for basements to be naturally on the chilly and draughty side. If your basement is going to be a viable living area, it will need to be sufficiently heated.

Installing bulky radiators isn’t always the best option to heat a basement, particularly if the room has limited space.

Underfloor heating can be a good option of heating in a basement, as it requires no space and efficiently heats the room to make it more inviting to spend time in.

Make use of space under the stairs

If the stairs leading down to your basement have space underneath them, be sure to utilise the space to the maximum. This useful space could be used as a storage area, of, if you want to be more creative, could be renovated into a kitchenette area, or the place you position a desk in a home office.

Use layered lighting

Layered lighting can be an effective way to bring additional warmth, character and cosiness into your basement renovation. Instead of opting for one central light, use plenty of lamps, under-cabinet lighting an even spotlights, for some effective mood lighting.

Make good use of textures

Get creative with your new basement by throwing plenty of bright and eye-catching textures into the room.

Don’t hold back with the likes of rugs, cushions and throws to bring some personality, warmth and character to your new living space.

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