How to create a meditation space in your home

An estimated 200 – 500 million people regularly meditate across the globe. In today’s digital and hyper busy world, this form of training to heighten mindfulness and awareness, and improve mental health and wellbeing, is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people meditating on a regular basis.

Our homes offer the perfect place to reap the calming and mindful benefits of this ancient relaxation practice. If you are looking to devote a dedicated corner of your home to invaluable space for meditation and ‘me time’, have a read on the following tips to create the perfect meditation space in your home.

Make the space comfortable

Successful meditation goes hand in hand with comfort. Really go to town by creating a comfortable environment. Use plump cushions and cosy blankets to prop up your hips, protect your knees and ensure the space is so inviting, you won’t want to leave!

Think about the lighting

Natural lighting which radiates vitamin D is synonymous with improved wellbeing and physical health. If natural light is not an option for your meditation space, opt for softer, layered lighting to create a cosier, calming ambience.

That said, meditating works well at night. Use dimmer switches and even candles to create a calming environment for impactful night-time meditation sessions.

Bring nature indoors

Meditation is all about healing and soothing. Introducing natural elements into your meditation space will heighten such feelings. Surround your mat with indoor plants to bring an element of nature to your personal space designed to relaxation.

Think about where the space is going to be located

Homes can be noisy places, so it is important to create your space in the quietest corner of the home possible. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom, in the home office or on the landing, make sure your space is away from bickering teenagers, toddler tantrums or barking dogs, to ensure you get the most from your meditation space.

Introduce some aroma

Smell is a highly evocative sense and plays a central role in heightening awareness and optimising the sensory experience of meditation. Don’t be afraid to make aromatic candles, incense sticks, essential oils, and other fragrance-inducing items to your space, to make the whole experience more heady, sensual, relaxing, and enjoyable.

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