How to achieve a high-gloss luxury bathroom without a luxury price tag?

High-gloss deluxe bathrooms are catching the eye of designers and are poised to be a big design trend of 2022. So, what exactly is catching the eye of those yearning for a bathroom brimming with flamboyance, and how can you achieve a luxury bathroom without a luxury price tag?

Add some bathroom wallpaper

Wallpaper is not synonymous with bathrooms but for a deluxe look, luxury wallpaper shouldn’t be overlooked.

Think about putting up striking wallpaper designed to create a lasting impression. As bathrooms are prone to wet and are inherently humid spaces, opt for a vinyl-coating wallpaper that is hardwearing and water resistant. The walls of particularly wet areas, like next to a shower or above the bath, should ideally not be adorned in wallpaper. In these areas, consider mirror tiles to maximise the reflections and light in your deluxe bathroom.

Create a spa-esque space 

For a truly indulgence space without a hefty budget, turn your bathroom into one that is resonant of a spa.  This can be achieved fairly easily and economically with the addition of interior plants.

Soft mood lighting will also help craft a tranquil, welcoming space that’s geared up for some serious relaxation and pampering.

Install underfloor heating

July and August might not be the most appropriate times to be considering underfloor heating, but you’re certainly welcome the move in the depths of winter!

Underfloor heating is not that expensive to buy or install yet has a significant impact in the luxury stakes!

When you step out of the shower or bath, your feet with be rewarded with some comforting warmth no matter what your flooring is made of.

Add some gloss to the ceiling

No inch of a bathroom is left ‘unglossed’ if you’re to accomplish this luxury look, including the ceiling. Add some sparkle to the highest point of the bathroom, by painting the ceiling in an ultra-glossy paint, or covering it with metallic tiles – both of which are relatively low-cost.

Finish the bathroom in classic chrome

Chrome and bathrooms go hand-in-hand, and a shiny chrome finish will bring an air of opulence to this well-used space.

High-gloss chrome fittings and features like chrome taps, chrome sinks and chrome light fittings, will create a timeless look and feel in a bathroom designed to impress.

Furthermore, chrome is a relatively inexpensive material that means you can achieve the luxury bathroom of your dreams without having to re-mortgage your house.

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