Guest Room Décor Ideas

As they’re often not used for a large proportion of the year, guest bedroom can tend to go overlooked in the décor stakes. Rather than forgetting about this living space and letting it slide into interior design neglect, make family, friends and guests feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible with a well-designed guest bedroom.

Revamp your spare bedroom in time for when your next guests arrive with the following guest room décor ideas.

Bring on ‘hotel chic’

No matter how big or small your guest bedroom is, introducing some ‘hotel chic’ into the space will help make your guests feel like royalty.

Opt for glamorous features like stylish, striking wallpaper, a smart carpet, chic blinds and a well-dressed bed, to create a feeling of luxury and glamour.

Decorate with calming colours

Travelling can be exhausting and subsequently it is important to help your guests feel calm and relaxed when staying in your home.

Decorate a guest bedroom in calming colours, such as different tones of grey to create a peaceful-nurturing space where they can relax.

Yellow, white and blue are also believed to help reduce stress and bring on relaxation so would work well in a guest bedroom.

Choose twin beds

You never know whether your guests are going to be single, a couple or even a family. If you’ve got the space, having twin beds in a guest bedroom can be more practical, catering for a wider range of guest setups.

Keep it minimalist

Guests will almost always have luggage when they come to stay. Cluttered bedrooms that are full of unnecessary furniture, furnishings and ornaments, will make the space feel fussy and prove problematic as to where guests will place their belongings.

Therefore, keep furniture to a minimum, opting only for the essentials, including beds, storage space, beside tables and a mirror.

Farmhouse bedrooms

Farmhouse style bedrooms can be an effective design in spare bedrooms. Keep the look unfussy and simple with little more than a white iron bed, distressed dresser and shabby chic mirror.

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