Five trending alternatives to a white kitchen

White kitchens never go out of fashion, and with good reason. That said, there’s plenty of alternative colours trending right now if you want to inject some new life into the most well-used room of a home.

Here’s five trending alternatives to a white kitchen.

Be bold with black

Yes, black is trending right now in kitchen design. Rather than coating the whole kitchen in black, opt for black accents, such as a ceiling coating in a shiny black paint, or a central island in black for an eye-catching look that doesn’t steal too much light.

Warming greys

If black isn’t your thing but you want to break away from white, why not opt for a warming grey, for a crisp but cosy feel. Warming greys are a lighter shade of grey and bring versatility to a kitchen. The great thing about warming grey is that can be used alongside other colours like yellows and soft blues for a stylish look.

Greens inspired by nature

Green has been a kitchen design buzzword in 2022 and is showing no sign of losing steam. Greens inspired by nature are trending on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest. From cabinets boasting a deep emerald hue to walls covered in forest green, make your kitchen stand-out this winter with a nature-inspired green colour palette.

Rich blues

Boasting feelings of wellness, rich blues have been a big kitchen colour trend of the year and that shows no sign of going away. Go for bold units in rich blues or walls covered in a vibrant blue wallpaper to bring a tired kitchen to life. Blend rich blues with whites for a real dramatic look.

Earth tones

Bring warmth and a cosiness to the heart of the home this autumn and winter by introducing earthy tones to your kitchen. Anything from brown quartz countertops to reddish-brown flooring and copper walls, will turn the space into a trending kitchen primed for some serious promotion on Instagram.

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