Five funky ways to add colour to a kitchen

Looking to spruce up your kitchen without ripping it out and starting again? Introducing snippets of colour into a kitchen can be the perfect way to give it a funky makeover without spending a fortune or creating too much inconvenience.

Check out the following five fun and funky ways to quickly add some colour and glamour to a kitchen.

Get busy tablescaping

If your kitchen is home to the family dining table, make it the centrepiece of the space by getting creative with tablescaping.

Opt for bold colours and a range of textures. Be playful with tablecloths and placement mats to add colour and creativity to your kitchen. You could even opt for brightly coloured crockery and cutlery to really turn heads.

Embrace wallpaper

Wallpaper is not typically synonymous with kitchens, as it is common to ‘play it safe’ and paint walls or use wall tiles. Introducing wallpaper boasting bold and colourful designs to the kitchen, or just parts of it, can be a clever way to bring some funky uniqueness to this much-used living space.

Replace the fridge

The days of fridges being confined to monotonous whites and blacks are well and truly over. Today, fridges come in an array of funky colours, including oranges, reds, and even pinks.

Inject some life into your kitchen by replacing the fridge with an appliance of a different colour. Be bold and ensure that one of the focal points of the kitchen stands out by installing a fridge that contrasts with the colour scheme of the rest of the room.

Replace the wall tiles

If your wall tiles have had their day and are looking a tad drab, it might be time to replace them with some funkier alternatives. Wall tiles come in a host of colours, patterns, and sizes, so don’t hold back in opting for a bright and bold tone and design to infuse some immediate vibrancy into your kitchen.

Paint the ceiling

It’s not uncommon for ceilings to remain untouched when decorating a room and void of any colour. Ceilings boasting a bright colour will draw the eye upwards, making a room appear bigger. Don’t be shy in painting a ceiling red, blue, green, or whatever colour takes your fancy, in the bid to bring some funky character to a kitchen.

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