Five easy kitchen decorating ideas to transform your kitchen in time for Christmas

With just a few weeks left until Christmas, there couldn’t possibly be time to redecorate the kitchen, or could there? If you’re determined to inject new life into the heart of the family home in time for the festive season, take a look at these five easy kitchen decorating ideas.

Ditch outdated cupboards with open shelving

Open shelving is one of the latest kitchen décor trends to be sweeping the most stylish of homes. Swapping bulky cupboards with open shelving will create visual space in your kitchen and, by doing so, help the room appear bigger and brighter.

Get creative with your kitchen walls

Just because it’s the kitchen, it doesn’t mean to say the walls have to be left bare. One of the easiest, cheapest and effective ways to transform the look of a room is to cover the walls with striking artwork and personal photos.

Gallery wall collections are a fabulous way to bring your kitchen to life.

Hang a pot rack on the ceiling

If you’re tired of squeezing oversized pots and pans into limited cupboard space, why not hang a pot rack on the ceiling?

Being typically void of clutter, when used creatively, ceilings provide an opportunity to become a functional feature of a kitchen.

Hanging pot racks on the ceiling can look great in kitchens of all styles and make good use of previously superfluous space.

A new lick of paint

Another quick way to breath new life into your kitchen in time for Christmas, is to give the walls, ceiling and cupboards a new lick of paint.

Opt for a stylish new colour to bring a modern look to this well-used room. Or, if you’re feeling brave, use a festive colour, such as a reds, greens, golds and silver.

Pile on the prints

In the same way you’d transform a bedroom, create a new look kitchen in time for the festive fun to commence by piling on the prints.

Think along the lines of creating an accent wall covered in one pattern or throwing a vibrantly-coloured rug on the floor, to ensure you impress guests visiting your home over Christmas.

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