Five dining room decor ideas to modernise a victorian property

Victorian housing is full of character and usually features lots of large rooms with which we can let our imaginations run wild with interior designs ideas. The dining room is one such room, often one of the largest in the house, and designed especially for hosting dinner parties with friends and loved ones. Many people nowadays want to modernise the original older style decor, and that really is as simple as following one or more of these five simple tips to add a modern touch to your Victorian dining room.


1 – Choose an appropriate table size


Rooms in Victorian era houses tend to be on the large side and this can especially be the case with dining rooms. It is therefore tempting to go with a big table that seemingly fits the size theme of the room. However, this would be a mistake! Choose the right table length and width to suitably accommodate the suit of dinner parties you intend to host there. Additional space around the table will not be noticed during dinner and can be easily filled with interesting modern furniture pieces.


2 – Add a modern pendant light fitting


You always want to have a good light over the dining table with a pendant lighting attachment being an ideal choice for a large dining room with a centrepiece table. This is a great opportunity to avoid vintage styles and add a modern touch. Exactly what style and colour you choose will depend on the colour scheme of the room…


3 – Light colour themes


Victorian houses are very adaptable to different interior design ideas, with the wide open spaces responding well to light colour themes. The expansive walls look especially good with fresh whites and light neutral colours, giving the room a spacious and airy feel, perfect for the summer.


4 – Bold colour schemes


Traditional Victorian decor was usually on the darker side so you can play to the room’s natural strengths with a bold colour scheme. Rich and inky shades such as plush plums or natural greens are ideal for large dining rooms and can look magnificent with a handsome wooden dining table.


5 – Keep up with the cornicing


Ornate cornicing features a lot in Victorian interiors so be sure to embrace this design quirk. Decorative touches around the edges of the dining room as well as around the modern light fittings can marry the vintage with the modern in a seamlessly natural way. The cornicing can also help draw the eyes up the expansive walls where artwork or pictures can add whatever kind of modern accent you wish to add the room’s décor.

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