Decorating ideas for a truly modern bedroom

Being the room in the home where we spend the most amount of time, it is important bedrooms are designed as personal sanctuaries, a place to get away and enjoy personal ‘you’ time.

If you are decorating your bedroom sometime soon, check out the following ideas to craft a truly modern personal living space, which expresses your favourite styles, colours, emotions, and collections.

Be bold with colour

Unlike other rooms in a house which are shared spaces, bedrooms are personal living areas and therefore the design and colour scheme should be a personal choice. As such, you can afford to be bolder and braver with the colour scheme in your bedroom.

Combining soft hues with bold, bright tones will inject energy into the bedroom, without going overboard and risking making the space appear gaudy.

Focus on the ceiling

The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room and should not be overlooked, especially in a bedroom, where you can afford to be bolder. Make every inch of a bedroom earn some attention, including the ceiling. One effective way to decorate a bedroom is to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter version of the walls. By doing so will create the illusion that the ceiling is visually lower than it is, bringing a greater feeling of intimacy, comfort, and cosiness.

Make it white

There’s nothing quite like an all-white bedroom to craft a calm, soothing space that is synonymous with sleep. Use white on white layers to create an elegant design that oozes sophistication. Make crisp white bed linen a central focus of the room, accompanied with a white rug underfoot and a dazzling white ceiling overhead.

Go for a supersized headboard

Headboards speak volumes in a bedroom and instead of being meek and mild with a headboard, opt for a large one adorned in plenty of pattern and bold colours. Asymmetric headboard pieces will craft a quirky individual look, as will one that is upholstered in a zany fabric with a zany design.

Make wallpaper work

When it comes to redesigning a bedroom, there’s nothing quite like being playful with wallpaper and thinking outside the box to create a personal living space with the wow factor. If you pine to be relaxing on the beach in some hot destination, evoke a tropical paradise with exotic, tropical themed wallpaper. Or, if you want to be more at-one with nature, be inspired with nature-themed wallpaper.

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