Curved kitchens: What are they and why are they trending?

Curved kitchens, yes, they really are a thing. No, we’re not talking rooms that curve round but rather a kitchen that revolves around one key feature – a curved island.

Curved kitchen islands are becoming one of the hottest kitchen trends of 2023, with good reason. In order to cater for every size and shape of space, curved islands are available in a multitude of designs, and can be custom-made.

Half-moon designs with a rectangular island and curved edges, is a popular style of kitchen island. As are asymmetrical islands, with a mix of curved and straight edges. What type of design you opt for, greatly depends on the style of kitchen you have and what kind of statement you want to make.

The curved kitchen look is in-keeping with the flowing and organic style of kitchen that has been becoming more popular in recent years. Compared to hard lines and straight edges, the curved kitchen unit is significantly softer and boasts a more natural organic feel.

The curved edges also allow you to maximise the available space. They can fit into corners and spaces where traditional straight-line units wouldn’t fit. This works especially well in kitchens of unconventional shapes, or which have limited space to work in.

This softer style can also bring feelings of wellbeing. Talking of the psychological benefits of curved kitchens, House Digest says: Curved sofas, side tables and chairs, light fixtures, and even art pieces make us feel more comfortable than in a space full of straight edges. This is because we instinctively worry when we see sharp corners, and our brains make us avoid them due to a sense of danger.”

Tips for incorporating a curved island into your kitchen

As with any non-standard design element, effectively incorporating a curved island into your kitchen plan, can be difficult, as it is considered a non-standard design element. There are several factors to consider before you commit to purchasing a curved kitchen unit. They include:

  • Ensuring to leave sufficient space around the island, as with a conventional, straight-lined  island. The curved island will need to comfortably, in the room, often in the centre.
  • Pair your curved island with linear elements, to create a more seamless look.
  • Team up with a professional designer to examine the different shapes which could work within your kitchen.


Take these steps and you could soon be sat in a super stylish curved kitchen, designed for creating an impact and making a statement.




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