Clever ways to store firewood

Winter is round the corner and with energy costs spiralling, it’s time to clean out the woodburning stoves and fireplaces and stock up on firewood for some cosy nights in by the fire.

As well as being functional, stacked up firewood can be an aesthetically appealing feature in a home. If you’re unsure how to store chopped wood and want to make a feature of it, check out the following clever firewood storage ideas.

A basket next to the fire

A decorative basket full of firewood makes a cosy addition to any room. Make the feature stand out by painting the basket in a vibrant colour or placing one with patterns on the fireplace.

Rattan storage trunk

If you’re not keen on the idea of having chopped firewood on display, you may want to opt for a rattan storage trunk with a lid. These practical storage trunks will keep firewood hidden from view and will make a stylish feature in the home.

Firewood storage bench

Benches specifically made for storing firewood can be ultra-practical and look great indoors and outdoors. A multipurpose bench will not only give you somewhere to sit but it will also enable you to stack firewood neatly and conveniently.

Metal log holder

For a true industrial look, opt for a metal log holder. These large, circular structures not only look fantastic but provide a practical place to stack firewood.

Reclaimed wooden crates

Rustic wooden crates and antique wooden boxes provide ample storage and make an eye-catching feature in décor with a farmhouse or rustic appeal.

Wall mounted rack

Firewood does not have to be confined to the floor and actually makes a charming feature when piled against the wall. A rack mounted firmly on the wall will make a safe and convenient place to store wood for the fire.

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