Bedroom design trends for 2021

Does the New Year come with plans to breathe life into your bedroom? If you’re planning on giving your bedroom a makeover, take a look at what’s poised to be the biggest and hottest bedroom design trends for 2021.

Neutral and minimalist paves the way for bold and daring

In 2020 we saw muted, neutral tones accompanied with minimalist interior schemes. 2021 waves goodbye to subdued bedroom design and embraces bolder more daring schemes infused with colour, pattern, and life.

Think about statement wallpaper, set aside polished plaster, colourful fabrics, and striking bed linen to create a room with personality and character.

Headboards are making headway

Headboards are making a comeback in 2021, and, similar to the rest of this personal living space, it’s time to be bold with headboards. The brighter and gaudier patterned the better. Use the headboard to create a statement-making feature in your bedroom.

Rich reds and mustard yellows

When it comes to colour schemes in a bedroom, there’s some pretty definitive trends emerging. Among the top tones are rich reds and oranges, as well as bold greens and mustard yellows, infused with splashes of blue.

Bring the outside inside

With lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions being far from over, any interior that embraces nature and brings the outdoors indoors is welcomed, including in the bedroom. Anything from floral wallpaper to indoor plants will create a nature-inspired interior. Nature-esque prints are another must-have bedroom trend, inspired by foliage and florals to bring the outside indoors.


Personalised living spaces are poised to be another big trend in 2021, with bespoke bedside tables and tailored wardrobes and cupboards to cater for personal tastes and requirements. Beside tables should be fitted with integrated power points and wireless charging to create a convenient charging points within arm’s length of being in bed.

Electric glamour

Minimalism is to yesteryear and in its place is electric glamour, especially in a bedroom. Opt for decorative pieces that radiate a bold and glam look, such as art deco hung on the walls, polished parquet flooring, beds brought to life with luxury fabric, and bedside tables in metallic finishes.


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