Advice on designing an indoor garden

Indoor gardens have been trending for quite some time now. In fact, with the pandemic forcing us to spend more time at home, indoor gardens became one of the hottest interior design trends of 2020.

Our love for internal green space shows no sign of subsiding, only growing in appeal and popularity.

If you’re determined to create your own indoor garden, check out the following tips.

Choose the right space

The space is vital to the success of your indoor garden. Put simply, the more natural daylight the plants are exposed to, the better.

Asides being close to a window, ensure the space is clutter-free and is easy to access for watering and maintenance purposes.

You also want to show off your indoor garden, so ensure the shrubbery is in a prominent place in the home, like not far from the living room window, in a corner of the kitchen, or in the hallway.

Keep it simple

Avoid making your indoor garden too fussy or complicated. Plants require space to breathe, and some are susceptible to taking over the entre space and will end up killing other plants. It is important therefore that you keep plants to a minimum and choose wisely to avoid plant overkill.

Think about the design of the indoor garden

Indoor gardens come in a myriad of different designs and style. The design will largely impact what type of plants you grow. You might be intent on growing a herb garden with the likes of oregano, lavender, thyme and sage. Window herb gardens looks great and can thrive in a kitchen, but you might want to consider create a hanging terrarium indoor garden or a custom large pot garden that features a number of different plants in one large pot.

Pot indoor gardens can look great in a conservatory, while hanging or vertical indoor gardens can be the best choice for a room with more limited space.

Bring an indoor garden to your bathroom

With moisture in the air and often plenty of daylight, bathrooms can be the perfect setting for an indoor garden.

Surround a bath or shower with indoor plants to bring some natural splendour and a super trending design feature to your bathroom.

Some of the best indoor plants include peace lilies, parlour palms, flamingo lilies, English Ivies, and Boston ferns.



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