What are the best colours for reflecting brand personality in an office interior?

First impressions are everything, especially in business. When a client, potential client, a new employee, a potential employee or a valuable company shareholder visits your office, does your brand scream out at them in a passionate and energising way?
If your company’s brand isn’t radiated through your office, rethinking the interior design of the working space could prove an invaluable investment.

The good news is that reflecting your brand through the design of the office doesn’t necessarily require a relocation or full refit.

Simply changing the colour scheme or adding new colours to the office can be one of the most effective ways to achieve an office that radiates your brand’s personality without too much disruption or relying on a hefty budget.

Think creatively

What colour is your company logo? What design is the emblem? Creating an office that is in-keeping with the colour and image of your brand is a powerful way to communicate your message through the office design.

That said, going overboard with certain colours and aesthetic symbols and designs that are reflective of your brand runs the risk of being too obvious and over the top.

Picking colours and symbols that are resonant of your brand but remain fairly subtle will ensure a good balance of brand personality and design creativity are met.

To achieve this balance think about giving the office a repaint in a colour that reflects your brand rather than merely replicates it would be a good place to start.

The importance of colour

As we know from decorating the interiors of our homes, colour can have a significant impact on mood and none more so than in business.

It has long been realised that colour plays a vital role in any aspect of marketing and being the ‘hub’ of your business, the company office is one of the most important components of company marketing.

Specific colours can not only help influence customers and clients into making decisions but they can also help rouse creativity and productivity within employees.

Incorporating red into your office design

Red is eye-catching, it holds attention and is the colour of power. Consequently, red is a popular colour in marketing.
In an office red can help energise and motivate staff, rousing feelings which visitors will also benefit from when they enter the office. Again, the trick is not to overdo it, as decorating the office in too much red will run the risk of creating a garnish and over-consuming office interior.

A blue office?

Your initial reaction to the prospect of a blue office might be that blue should be confined to bathrooms and boys’ bedrooms and that it would look too dull and dreary in an office.
Not necessarily. Blue has a calming influence that fights mental tension, an invaluable attribute in any working environment. Blue is also a fairly trustworthy colour, another vital quality for any business. For best results, combine several shades of blue with complimentary other colours.

Yell about yellow

Yellow is a popular choice of colour in an office. Why? Because it is another powerful tone that commands attention and crafts creativity.

Yellow is associated with heightening motivation and intensifying intellect. Introducing this powerful hue to an office design could be an easy and effective way to stimulate motivation amongst staff and to inspire visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Get out the paintbrush and get creative with colour as an effective way of reflecting your brand personality and nurturing creativity.