Want to sell your home quickly in 2016? It’s all in the interior…

Posted by admin - December 21, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

If you’re planning on selling a home in 2016 and are looking to sell it quickly, you may want to start preparing the property for the sale. The good news is that property can be significantly more ‘sellable’ with some minor alterations to the interior design, the exterior and the décor.
If selling a property is high on your agenda in 2016, take a look at the following strategies you can implement to help make the property more attractive to potential buyers so that it gets snapped off the market sooner rather than later.

Replace outdated curtains

You might be surprised at how much of an impact curtains make in a room. In short, dull, uninspiring and old-fashioned curtains, no matter which room they are in, won’t portray your property in the best of light.

Before your property goes on the market might be a good time to unhook old curtains and replace them with a more modern, stylish pair that help show off a room to its optimum potential.

Lose some of the clutter

Pens on the mantelpiece, toys on the bathroom window sill, cycling helmets in the porch? If this sounds familiar, your home might definitely be homely and lived in but leaving clutter scattered around the house won’t do its marketing capacity any favours.

If you’re struggling to find somewhere to place the hordes of clutter dispersed in every room, for the purpose of selling the property, find a big box and put it all in there. You can always find a proper home for it at a later date.

Update lighting

Lighting talks volumes in any living space and none more so than when you’re trying to sell a property. Dimly-lit rooms can project a sombre and dingy ambience and will not show the room to its full potential. By the same token, a room that is lit up too brightly or by crass artificial lighting will make the space appear sterile and unhomely.

Try to implement layered lighting around the home that lights up specific areas and generates a warm, cosy, inviting and homely vibe.

Get painting!

You might be in love with your bright pink bedroom or scarlet red living room but will potential buyers share your enthusiasm? When selling a home it is usually best to ‘play it safe’ in terms of the colour palette by opting for more neutral tones that are likely to appeal to a wider spectrum of potential buyers.

Even if your home is already painted in a neutral colour scheme giving it a new lick of paint to cover up scruffs, marks and blemishes that may have appeared on the walls, will breathe new life into the property and make it more appealing when showing potential buyers around.