Using interior design to add character to a new build

Posted by admin - March 25, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration

With developers striving to create new homes that are high quality, energy efficient and boast great contemporary designs, new build properties are becoming increasingly popular. Asides being modern, efficient and practical, there are several other benefits of new builds, namely you can move in almost immediately and there is no need to spend time and money decorating.

Or is there? One downside of new builds is that those who favour traditional, older and more characterful interiors, do not find new properties appealing. However, with some design know-how and creativity the problem of new-builds-being-void-of-character can be rectified.

Take a look at the following ways you can remove some of the blandness that is often associated with the interiors of new builds.

Install a new front door
A row or estate of new houses that all share the same front door can, for some homeowners, create a look that is far too uniform and plain.
Replacing the door with completely different one will go a long way in making the new build look unique. Opt for a door that stands out, such as one with intricate architectural detail or one of a vibrant colour that’s completely different from neighbouring houses.

Add artwork to the walls
Many new properties tend to be decorated in a neutral colour scheme. Whilst neutral colours can look contemporary and fresh, it can also craft an interior void of character and ‘life’. This can be overcome by adding artwork to the walls.
A neutral backdrop gives you the perfect space to experiment with interesting murals, vintage paintings, or even pictures created by children.
Hanging photographs in quirky frames will also bring hordes of character to an interior space and help create a much more bespoke and personalised décor.

Replace the fireplace
Fireplaces are a focal point of a living room. Real fires and wood burning stoves bring instant character to a living room.

Many new builds comprise of electric or gas fireplaces, which simply do not possess the same cosy, traditional look as real fireplaces.

Replacing a modern, imitation fireplace with an authentic one will bring considerably more character into a living room.

Replace cupboard doors and fittings
If the kitchen in a new property looks too modern and bland, one fairly straightforward way to create more character is to change the doors of the cupboards and the fronts of drawers. Replace doors and drawer fronts made out of synthetic materials with more traditional alternatives, such as timber.

Exchanging modern fittings such as steel cupboard hinges and handles with more traditional alternatives like iron or brass will bring instant character to a kitchen.

Bring on the shabby chic
If you really want to craft a quirky, characterful look, weave some shabby chic into the interior by painting the existing furniture. All you’ll need is some sandpaper, varnish remover and a high quality paint.

If you accomplish all of these interior techniques, or even just a couple of them, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a new property, as well as an interior brimming with character and cosiness.

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