Unmissable interior design trends for summer 2014

2014 is an exciting year for interior design. As we move into the summer, bold graphic prints, clean lines and unusual materials are playing centre stage, creating striking décor that’s designed to be noticed.

If you’re keen to give your interior an up-to-the-minute makeover this summer, take a look at the following unmissable interior trends of the season

Prominent print

Both geometric and floral prints are at the forefront of home wares this year, as is ethnic print. With such superb patterns taking prominence, if you traditionally lean towards a muted pallet, then you’ll need to ease yourself in to the trend. Adding pillows, linens and cushions could be the best way to adopt this bold and dramatic style.

These types of print work best with a subdued background. Modern design enthusiasts will really embrace and appreciate this style of patterns that represents a refreshing array of stylistic influences. Keep conventionality at bay and welcome pattern that corresponds to your individuality.

Summer 2014’s colour of choice 

Turquoise is everywhere this season and not a pale, blend into the background hue but a vibrant, bold turquoise. Wall coverings, upholstery and furniture are embracing the colour and as a consequence, it is a shade that is difficult to avoid.  It’s not just turquoise that is everywhere but blue in general has made a real resurgence.  Navy blue, peacock, light blue and cobalt all have their place this summer.

Modern Furniture

Acrylic furniture is making a real come back. You will find this trend through all types of furniture, including dining room tables, chairs, cocktail tables and even as legs on a sofa or a chair. Within the modern furniture setting, bold colours are taking centre stage. Opt for teal and even dark purple, shades that aren’t traditionally associated with the summer.


There are some wonderfully unique accessory trends this summer. An abundance of woodland-inspired designs, plenty of tweed and stuffed animal wall plaques are just several outlandish accessory styles in fashion this season.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, neoclassical accessories with a nod towards

Greek and Roman themes, are also proving popular. Think murals, busts and columns! Timeless, balanced spaces is key with a move towards Egyptian style.

The circle is back

Circles are also back with a vengeance this summer. Anything that can be round will be round. The circular trend is spanning furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and all types of home décor. Circles are working in collaboration with  geometric prints and neutral backgrounds.

Inspiring walls 

Feature walls that are dark and intriguing are another unmissable trend of the season  At the opposite end of the spectrum a tropical delight of pictures encapsulating paradise with scenes of faraway lands are providing a spectacular contrast to the darker, atmospheric walls.

With so much contrasting colour, texture, furniture and accessories, there is a lot to be experimented with in the world of interior design this summer.