Treat your home to an easy and effective interior design spring clean

Posted by admin - March 31, 2016 - Inspiration, Interior Design

Whilst the erratic and unpredictable weather might not mean it feels like spring, springtime is officially here and it’s time to get our homes ready for the warmer months ahead. The good news is with a little creativity and know-how, we can relinquish the gloom of the winter from our homes and replace it with the vitality of spring without too much time, effort, money or resources.

Take a look at the following easy and effective ways to give your home an interior design spring clean.

Change the bed linen

Now’s the time to hide away the dark and heavy bed linen for the next seven or eight months and replace it with lighter, brighter and softer fabrics. Treating yourself to bed linen designed for the warmer months can be a great way to inject some springtime cheer into your bedroom.

Think pastel colours, breezier fabrics, and vibrant prints for a quick and easy way to bring some instant spring joy into your home.

Replace existing curtains

The same principle can be applied to window dressing. Instead of preventing the natural daylight from entering our homes by thick, heavy and dark curtains and blinds, embrace the natural lightness of this time of year by replacing winter window dressing with summer alternatives.

Again, paisley patterns, pastel colours and breezier fabrics tend to be more in-keeping with this time of year, though if you struggle to sleep when daylight enters the room, make sure the curtains are lined so they make the room dark when you intend to sleep!

Treat your home to a repaint!

There’s something about the spring that compels us to get out the paintbrushes and give our homes a new lick of paint. Augment the vitality and airiness of the season by opting for lighter colours that are synonymous with the spring, such as lemon, sky blue or duck egg green.

Spring clean!

It wasn’t called spring cleaning for no reason! Now’s the time to reach for the dusters, get out the carpet cleaner and put some elbow grease into the polishing. Leave no stone unturned or corner ignored as you give your home a thorough spring clean so it sparkles and gleams all summer long.

You might want to take the spring cleaning that little bit further by rearranging the furniture and furnishings. You’d be surprised at how significant an impact simply moving the sofa, television and coffee table around can have on a lounge.

Display houseplants and flowers

Being the season of life and vivacity when the natural world wakes from its long winter slumber, the joy of life and rebirth should be embraced in your home.

Having houseplants and flowers displayed around the house will give you a constant, pleasant and fragrant reminder that spring isn’t just in the air, it’s here already!