Transform commercial interiors with an industrial style décor

Posted by admin - May 28, 2014 - Current Trends, Interior Design

From co-working centres designed specifically to make remote workers not feel as isolated, to open-plan offices intentionally configured to bounce creativity and innovation amongst workers, our working environments have undergone rapid transformations in recent years. The demand to renovate and reinvent old barns, disused warehouses and industrial buildings has seen a phenomenal rise, testimony of the changing working spectre society has embraced.

Industrial features are playing a central role in the stylistic make-up of our modern working environments. From industrial-inspired lighting fixtures, to factory-like features, the appeal of a design age that was centred on mechanical ingenuity, manufacturing and a raw and unfinished look, is back with a vengeance.

Whether you are designing a home office or are wanting to inject a more inspiring environment into a company office or another commercial space, throwing some industrial style furniture, fixtures and features will talk volumes.

Take a look at the following industrial inspired design ideas that will give a working space a raw and mechanical designer edge.

An industrial-style desk

In any office environment, the desk or desks are a focal point. Scrubbed metal tables that are smooth to touch and work on, will make a coolly hip addition to a modern commercial interior. Other simple metal office furnishings that exude a simplistic industrial look, such as a free-standing metal shelf unit, will help propel an office to incredibly stylish heights.

Exposed brick walls

When one thinks of an industrial interior, rough brick walls framed by metal features and steel furniture, springs to mind. If traditional brickwork can be exposed then unmasking internal bricks will provide a much more authentic industrial working space.

If no brickwork is there to be uncovered, installing a faux brick wall can be an extraordinarily realistic second best.

Subdued colour schemes

Failing the brickwork, decorate your industrial-style office with subdued colours. White walls would be too modern and sterilised. Opt for a more muted colour scheme, such as steel blue, grey or maize. Rather than choosing crisp, clean colours go for shades that appear aged and worn.

Focus on task lighting

When it comes to lighting up an office or any kind of commercial working space, task lighting provides the most effective form of light. Simple metal desk lamps with a flexible ribbed neck will be in-keeping with an industrial style décor. In addition to desk lamps, hang high efficiency LED lighting overhead to create different layers of lighting and illuminate the whole of the working space.

Over-sized metal pendants with weight and bulk would craft an industrial theme on the ceiling. These over-sized lighting fixtures would look especially atmospheric if hung low over a scrubbed metal table or industrial-style desk.

One of the best components of opting for an industrial-style office design is that you can create a highly effectiveness, practical and creativity-enhancing working environment whilst adhering to a  tight budget.