Traditional vs contemporary: Which style of conservatory should you opt for?

Posted by admin - February 25, 2016 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

The benefits of having a conservatory built at the side of your home are multiple. As well as creating an additional room and extra living space, conservatories enable you to enjoy your garden in the winter, let in swathes of natural daylight and therefore brighten up your home, not to mention add significant value to a property.

If you are intent on getting the conservatory of your dreams in 2016, no doubt you’ll be contemplating the style of its interior and whether you should opt for a contemporary or traditional design.

Traditional conservatories

Naturally the age and design of your house will influence what type of conservatory would suit your property. General speaking, as period properties are well-known for retaining original features, building a modern-looking conservatory at the side of a period property is likely to look painstakingly out of place.

If you are looking for a conservatory that exudes a timeless and classic appeal, than a traditional conservatory that mimics the distinct architectural design of the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian eras is likely to appeal.

A Victorian conservatory tends to be octagonal in shape, whilst an Edwardian conservatory is more likely to be symmetrical in structure. Both these types of conservatories feature pitched roofs.

Contemporary conservatories

These modern types of conservatories tend to be more simplistic and less ornate in their design. Typically rectangular in shape and spacious, modern conservatories make great home offices or an additional place to eat whilst overlooking the garden.

Contemporary conservatories are versatile and tend to suit a wider range of properties than their traditional counterparts.

One of the most common types of modern conservatories is the lean-to, which features a simple rectangular shape and a single pitch roof. Smaller properties such as bungalows and cottages tend to benefit the most from the lean-to conservatory, which is a cost-effective way to generate additional space in a property on the small side.

Of course once you have the conservatory of your dreams built at the side of you home, it’s time to get creative with the interior design.

Make good use of furniture, paint, accessories, and flooring, to maximise the living space and ensure it’s a welcoming and functional room.

With hordes of daylight streaming through the windows, conservatories are made for making the most of their outdoor feel, so really go to town by having plenty of fresh foliage and fauna scattered inside the room.

Ensure there is plenty of space to sit down, relax, spread out and make the most of this stunning and practical new addition to your home.