Traditional festive dining room design ideas this Christmas

Posted by admin - December 1, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration

Being the place where we eat our Christmas dinner and partake in many festive celebrations, we’re under pressure to make our dining rooms especially festive and cosy. And there’s no time like now to let your creative interior design inhibitions loose and really go to town in making your dining room a fabulous festive hub this Christmas.

Take a look at the following ways you can bring the unique cheer of Christmas to your dining room without spending too much money or devoting too much time.

A floral centrepiece

Now’s your excuse to get your family into the fresh air and forage for some traditional festive foliage such as pine cones, mistletoe, holy and ivy. Once you’ve collected a good selection of festive foliage, get to work creating a beautiful floral centrepiece. Add some colour into the predominantly dark green feature by throwing some red berries into the mix.

This stunning natural Christmas decoration would look great as a centrepiece on a mantelpiece or on the dining table itself.

Let there be snow

It might not be a white Christmas outside but you can replicate the magic and beauty of a white Christmas by using a little imagination and creativity. Add some festive drama by sprinkling some faux snow around the dining room, paying particular attention to the table where the festive celebrations will be taking place.

Decorate the table

Talking about the table, now’s the time to go wild with festive dining decorations. Get the whole family to join in making Christmassy mats, table runners, name cards and other paper decorations. Placing strings of pine cones around the table intermingled with red berries will bring another festive dimension, just remember to leave room for the turkey, sprouts and spuds!

Faux fur cushions

Don’t forget to decorate the chairs for a true Christmas-looking dining room. Exchange your normal chair cushions with more festive alternatives, such as faux white ones. If you don’t fancy faux white, some deep red or dark green cushions would bring another festive layer to your dining room.

Lavish up the lights

Give existing dining room lighting some Christmas spice by draping greenery from them. A chandelier above the dining table would be brought to festive life by simply dangling some mistletoe, ivy or other symbolic Christmas foliage from it.

Deck the doorways

Make the most of every feature in the room by decking the likes of doorways and windowsills with Christmas-inspired decorations such as green wreaths embellished with festive coloured ribbons.

Introduce some gold

When set alongside shades of green and red, gold is a fabulous festive hue, bringing both drama and glamour into a room. Don’t be afraid to introduce some gold into your Christmas dining room, such as placing gold ribbons on a Christmas tree or placing a gold vase on the table, overflowing with beautiful greenery a shiny red berries.
Creating a Christmas-inspired dining room need not be costly or time consuming and will ensure the Christmas cheer in enjoyed in your home, not just on Christmas Day but throughout the whole of the festive period.