Top garden trends for the spring/summer 2015 season

Posted by admin - March 25, 2015 - Current Trends, Designer Insights, Inspiration

It’s that time of the year again when everything starts growing wildly and unless you keep on top of your garden it can end up looking more like an unkempt eyesore than a pretty and blossoming outdoor space. Asides maintaining gardens there are design trends any discerning gardener aspiring to keep up with the fashion should know about. And none more so than the spring/summer 2015 season, where several distinct trends are sprouting in UK gardens.

Black fences
Black fences you may cry aghast! Yes, now’s the time to ditch the brown and green fences for a backdrop of black, either paint or stain. Fences painted black bring immediate drama to a garden and create a vibrant contrasting background for bright spring greens.

Edible gardens
Vegetable plots and edible gardens are looking big this season, particularly in urban gardens where people with limited space are striving to make the most of the space they have.

Raised beds or pots planted with herbs and lettuce not only look great but they give you fresh salad and ingredients right on your doorstep.

Water features
With eco-consciousness becoming an increasingly important feature of modern homes, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to creatively conserve water.

The concept of “laundry to landscape”, whereby we recycle the grey water from the likes of washing machines and dishwashers are resulting in quirky and creative water features being incorporated into the design of the garden.

Painted house numbers and names

The days of wooden number plaques and ceramic house names are numbered as this year’s trend is all about painting the name/number on the wall of the house.

There are several advantages of the painted house number method, namely they won’t crack, fade, break or chip and there considerably cheaper than other methods.

Think in curves
This season, the straight and minimalist lines in garden design are out and in their place stand softer and gentler curves. Discerning and fashion-conscious 2015 gardeners should consequently avoid sharp corners and think about having wavy pathways woven throughout the flowerbeds.

Covered pergolas
Covered pergolas need not be confined to properties with large gardens as this year we are seeing pergola structures being erected in outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Providing a place to sit, relax and enjoy your garden, covered pergolas are proving a popular outdoor accessory this season.

Accessories in bamboo
Bamboo was introduced in Europe in the early 1800s. Whilst once recognised as a beautiful and exotic garden plant, bamboo soon became known as an invasive nuisance. With its sturdy, sustainable and characterful characteristics, the 21st century has seen bamboo make a comeback and being redefined as an attractive and robust landscaping material.

Making use of the unique and sustainable qualities of bamboo in your garden is definitely a popular trend emerging this year. From trellises to fences, canopies to outdoor furniture, get creative and have fun with bamboo accessories in your garden this season.
The spring and summer is all about spending time outdoors, enjoying our gardens and having fun making our outdoor spaces fit for 2015.