Top five living room decor trends for summer 2013

Posted by admin - June 19, 2013 - Current Trends

As such a great emphasis on being outdoors and enjoying alfresco wining, dining, playing and relaxing that goes hand in hand with the summer; it is easy to neglect our living rooms during the warmer months. The truth is that some pretty exciting trends have arrived within the living room spectre this summer and whilst in the likes of Spain, Portugal and Greece, you could expect to enjoy summer-long alfresco living, in the UK, we’re lucky if we get two weeks.

With this somewhat gloomy outlook on-board, you may want to think about breathing some summer 2013 interior ingenious into your living room, then being forced to stay in it as those summer showers beat down outside, won’t seem as depressing.

Take a look at the following top living room décor trends the summer 2013.

1- Natural materials
Interiors this summer are all about exploiting the rustic and earthy look of natural materials. From placing wooden beams, or better still exposing existing ones, on the ceiling, to pulling up a carpet and replacing it with slate or ceramic tiles, the natural material opportunities available in a living room are almost endless.
If you’ve not got the time or manpower to start exposing beams or ripping up carpets, you can still create a more natural and rustic vibe in a living room by kitting the room out in wooden furniture – A sturdy solid oak coffee table would be a good starting place.

2- Botanicals
If you can’t seem to get out in the garden this summer as much as you’d like to, then bring a touch of garden rapture indoors by adding some botanical-inspired features to your living room.
Although while the cheery traits of floral designs has been dubbed as a ‘must have’ living trend of summer 2013, not just any botanical pattern will suffice – Rather than opting for bold, loud and fussy floral, go for something more simple, fresh and feminine.
For your flowery living room facelift this summer, cushions, curtains, rugs and table cloths are all perfect candidates.

3- Paint it blue!
When associating colours with the summer, pinks, yellows, whites and creams immediately spring to mind, with blue not being a leading contender for the ‘colours most synonymous with summer’ list.
One of the most interesting, intriguing and exciting components of interior design is the fact that there are no rules, trends are never etched in stone and boundaries are evolving and merging almost constantly and this summer, the colour blue is definitely ‘in’.
Paint your living room walls blue and, if you can’t decide on what shade of blue, why not opt for two shades, as a two-tone look is another living room ‘must have’ décor trait this summer.

4- Layered textures
Create some depth to this well-used room by layering textures. Create an interesting texture mismatch by placing cotton cushions on corduroy throws, velvet poufs upon sheepskin rugs, all within a backdrop of net curtains flapping in the summer breeze.

5- Patterns
Instead of merely opting for plain walls, one-tone carpets and unadorned furnishings, take the bolder step of introducing some patterns to your living room this summer.
Patterns are a huge décor feature of 2013 and the good news is that, once again, there are no rules when it comes to which patterns you opt for. This level of versatility will enable you to be bold and create a living room space that you won’t be so disappointed to spend time in this summer.