Tips for ‘winter-proofing’ your property

Posted by admin - December 1, 2015 - Designer Insights

Love it or loathe it the winter is now upon us. With frost, snow, rain, wind and even hail lashing down, winter can take its toll on our properties. Before the harsh weather really gets going, now’s the time to ‘winter proof’ your home to protect it from the elements, not only to help prevent problems later on, but also to ensure your home is warm and cosy for the long winter months.

Examine the chimney

A well-maintained chimney is essential for a safe and warm home and the more regularly you check your chimney, the less likely it is to need an expensive, time-consuming and messy repair. When checking your chimney, make sure the cap is in a good condition to help prevent rain, snow, animals and debris coming down the chimney. You should also make sure that no bricks or mortar are missing or crumbling around the chimney on the roof.

Add insulation

One way to make your home significantly warmer this winter without turning up the heating is to add insulation. Putting insulation into your property will also help keep moisture at bay during the months that are particularly prone to creating damp.

Seal all gaps and cracks

Though before you take the step of adding insulation, you should make sure that any air gaps are sealed. By simply sealing gaps and cracks you can reduce air leakage in the property by more than 25 percent.
Cracks are particular prone to appear around door and window frames. Gaps between floorboards and skirting boards can also contribute to a draughty home and an overworked central heating!

Bring out the rugs, throws and extra cushions

Winter proofing a property need not be confined to it exterior. Snuggle up when it’s cold and dark outside, turn down the heating and make your interior look fit for some cosy months ahead by throwing rugs on the floor, placing throws on the settees and putting some extra soft and warm cushions on the chairs.

Replace thinner curtains with heavier ones

Windows and doors count for a hefty amount of heat loss, so any measures taken to counter this loss of heat is going to be productive. Hanging thick, heavy curtain over windows and even doors in the winter can reduce the heat being lost by as much as 60 percent through single-glazed windows and as much as 40 to 50 percent through double-glazed windows and doors.

Now’s the chance to make the most of both the practical and aesthetical benefits of curtains by replacing flimsier summer curtains with some heavy fabric alternatives in a homely colour and design to give your home a real warm and cosy boost.