The timeless, hip and calming appeal of teal

Posted by admin - February 22, 2018 - Articles, Current Trends

Being an attractive blend of green and blue, there is something inherently relaxing, elegant and stylish about the colour teal. Given its soothing and tranquil connotations that conjure up images and thoughts of the azure ocean lapping against a verdant background of hills and valleys, it’s hardly surprising that teal has bags of interior design appeal.

If you are thinking about introducing teal into your home, take a look at the following reasons we can’t argue with the ‘teal appeal’.

Unique psychological benefits

Combining shades of green and blue, teal has long been associated with radiating calm and tranquillity. The shade is also believed to help recharge our spirits during times of anxiousness, stress and tiredness.

Given the calming influence of teal, introducing the colour into home offices, bedrooms or living rooms, can be an effective way to help alleviate stress and heighten feelings of calm.

An ultra-versatile colour

What’s great about teal is that is complements a broad range of colour palettes. For example, panting a single wall in teal against a predominantly-white interior will craft an eye-catching and elegant contrast. By the same token, teal works with warmer colours, such as creams, corals, pinks, golds and browns, providing an enriching ambience to any room.

Placing a gold-rimmed mirror or a gold-framed picture against a teal background would make a deliciously stylish feature in a living or dining room.

Liven up a neutral room

We all have our uses for neutral rooms, doused in colours we can’t go wrong with such as creams, beiges and greys. It might be that we are planning on renting a property out are going to put it on the market, so we are ‘playing it safe’ with neutral living space.

The trouble is, neutral designs can run the risk of looking a tad mundane and boring. This is where teal can play a vital role.

Bringing in teal accents and features can liven up a neutral design, complementing ‘safer’ shades impeccably.

You can be as adventurous or as safe as you want with teal, as it works well in large quantities or as a more inconspicuous and subtle feature.

Painting a ceiling that features chunky wooden beams in teal can be the perfect way to add some zest into a neutral living space.

It’s timeless and hip

Unlike other ‘stand out’ shades, teal isn’t a colour that you’ll regret introducing into your home six months down the line! On the contrary, zeal is timeless, hip and contemporary, and the chances are, you’ll be equally as impressed with your teal interior design efforts in years to come as you are today.

If you need any advice on finding the right colour scheme for your home or revamping your interior, give the experts at New i.d. a call today to discuss a potential interior design project.