The pros and cons of buying a show home

Show homes are a fantastic way for potential buyers to get a greater look and feel of a property on a new development. They can walk round the house or apartment at their leisure getting a sense of the layout, how spacious the property is, the perspective from the windows and whether they could happily live there.

Many developers offer the opportunity for buyers to purchase the show home. As the ‘model’ home usually features all the possible upgrades available on the development, as well as professional designer touches, show home purchases can be attractive for potential clients.

If you are deliberating buying a show home there are certain things to keep in mind. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying the show home


A high spec

Show homes are illustrative of the best of a builder’s work. It is an example of what a ‘dream home’ looks like. Consequently show homes are done up to a high spec. They include the top of the range kitchens and bathrooms. The property comes equipped with modern appliances and fixtures, such as lighting, burglar alarms and mirrors.

Ready to move in

Show homes are usually at a ready to move in standard. Buyers are able to get a deal on the furniture and furnishings. Even minor touches like bed linen is often included, which can save a buyer a lot of time and make the move more convenient.

Professionally decorated

Show homes have usually been decorated by a professional interior designer. Everything from the choice and layout of the furniture to floral arrangement and the artwork on the walls has been handpicked by an interior designer. Consequently the property is the epitome of style and innovation and for many buyers this is attractive.

Landscaped garden

Show homes typically have landscaped gardens with plants, shrubs and colourful flowers, features to attract buyers. A beautiful garden that is ready to enjoy immediately is another distinct advantage of buying a show home.


A premium price

With top of the range features, fixtures, appliances and furniture, having been decorated by a professional interior designer and being ready to move into, show homes are usually valued at a premium price.

Choices made for you

Whilst all the fixtures and fittings in the property are high end and top quality they will not be your own choice. Not being able to choose the design of the kitchen, the style of the curtains and the type of carpet or flooring is not a preferable option for some.

Adjacent to a car park

For the convenience of viewing, show homes are often – but not always – located on the plot next to a car park. It is not uncommon for the former parking plot to have the last house built on it so you could expect building work to be going on for the next six months.