The five next big interior design trends

Posted by admin - October 30, 2017 - Articles

The five next big interior design trends

Want to know what the next big interior trends are? Simply read on and learn what’s imminently in store in the constantly evolving world of interior design…

A big focus on fireplaces

Granted, it is the time of year when our eyes look to the fireplace and the wood pile that’s have been patiently sat their all summer, begins to get diminished. Despite the season, fireplaces are seeing a resurgence in their importance and this central feature of the sitting or dining room should be shown off to the max!

Ensure your fireplace stands out this autumn and winter by surrounding it with unique decorative features. Panelled walls set a classy fireplace scene. Inject some vibrancy into this focal feature by introducing animal-print furnishings or other eye-catching touches.

Turn your home into an art gallery

Forget about placing one or two paintings on the wall, cover the walls with inspiring artwork so it resembles a gallery. Get inventive with frames and don’t be afraid to be bold and daring with the pictures you put on display, the more noticeable, the better!

Make it monochrome

Considered gaudy and outdated not so long ago, this well-established décor trend is making a big comeback. Black and white colour schemes are making their way into the most fashion-conscious of interiors, crafting a sense of elegance and sophistication into those bold enough to embrace this striking interior trend.

Think ‘out of the box’ when you decorate a space in a monochrome style. Use black and white photographs to enhance the look, mirrors with a black or white frame and seal the overall look with a striped-monochrome rug sprawled across the floor.

A touch of nature

A big trend to infuse into your interiors in forthcoming months is nature. Décor looks set to go back to nature with natural tones of greys, blues, greens and earthy terracotta, making their way into ultra-on trend interiors.

As well as natural tones, let your creativity go wild by introducing displays of nature into your home.


Yes, metallics are back and they’re bigger and bolder than ever before! From shiny, bronze light fittings with an industrial finish, to polished silver door knobs bringing a touch of opulence into the room, metallics should feature in every décor fashionistas living space!

Over-sized furniture

If you’ve got the space in your home, get on trend by filling rooms with fashionable over-sized furniture. From large, comfy corner sofas that stretch across two walls, to jumbo armchairs dominating the floor space, the larger, chunkier and more domineering the furniture this season, the better.