Some golden rules for designing children’s bedrooms

Posted by admin - June 19, 2013 - Current Trends

From the minute you find out that you are to become a parent for the first time, to the day your rapidly growing up child decides that she’s too grown up for her Tinkerbell wallpaper and Little Mermaid curtains and insists on her bedroom having a ‘big girl’ makeover, the design of a child’s bedrooms is one of the most important decorative features of the whole house.

One of the best parts about designing a child’s bedroom, whether it is a baby’s nursery or a teenager’s ‘hideaway’, is that the choice of styles, colours, themes and designs is all but endless.

Although whilst the decision to opt for pink or blue, spots or stripes, subtle or bold, pirates or fairies, very much depends on the taste and preferences or the child and the parents (at least with a younger child’s room when parents still have a say), there are some ‘golden rules’ when it comes to planning to design a child’s bedroom.

Think storage

From receiving sacks of toys for Christmas and birthdays, to the hordes of clothes daughters, and indeed some sons, seem to demand through their teenage years, children’s bedrooms require storage.

It is therefore almost imperative that you include plenty of storage options when you plan the design of your child’s bedroom. Include features such as wardrobes for that rapidly changing yet never getting thrown out teenage attire, a trunk to put in that mountain of toys, a beside table with cupboard for your child’s ‘essentials’ that he or she deems necessary to sleep next to, not to mention an adequate bookshelf for their book collection, you simply can’t have too much storage space in a child’s bedroom.

Avoid themes

Your child may be fixated on Captain Hook at the moment or can’t get enough of Tyrannosaurus Rex but six months from now, they might cringe with embarrassment at their former ‘babyish’ fixations. With this is mind, it can be a good idea to avoid decorating a room in a certain theme, through fear of having to redecorate it every 12 months!

Plan ahead

It may be difficult to imagine your tiny little tot have long dangly basketball player’s legs in the future, but the time will come when your baby grows out of his gorgeous little toddler-sized bed. It is therefore wise to plan your child’s bedroom design around the fact that this is likely to still be their room when they are eight, 15 and even 21 years old!

It is therefore wise to bear in mind things such as, will a full-size bed fit in and will there be enough room for a desk to enable your child to do their homework on.

Bunk beds or twin beds – Think about sharing

If you are planning to have another child some time yet don’t have another room in house for that ‘yet to exist other sibling’, it is likely that your child’s bedroom will have to be shared. When designing your little one’s room you should therefore bare this in mind, deliberating over whether there will be enough room for twin beds or whether you’ll have to opt for bunk beds.