Six cost-effective strategies to make the most of your patio

Posted by admin - September 24, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Whether you are revamping your patio, giving it complete renovation or merely adding a few subtle touches to make it a more inspiring place to sit, weaving life, functionality and style into this crucial exterior living space will inevitably add value to your home. Not only will a stylish patio add capital to your property but it will also mean your outdoor space is more inviting and practical.

Take a look at the following cost-effective and simple ways to make the most of your patio.

Steer clear of solid barriers

Whilst it is desirable to have privacy on your patio, erecting a wall or solid canvas around the patio will make the space seem smaller and more closed in. Opting for a semi-privacy option will mean a barrier of privacy is creating without giving the feeling the exterior space is closed in.

Trellises with vines growing over the lattices or rows of potted trees will provide a degree of privacy without feeling too barricaded and obscured.

Potted trees

As well as providing a sense of privacy placing potted trees on your patio will bring an elmeent of height to the patio. Trees will draw the eye upwards and can help make a patio feel bigger.

A flowering border

The edges of a patio can have the tendency to be a little blunt and jarred. To avoid severe edges, soften the perimeter of your patio with a flowering border. If you have the room plant a border of perennial plants and flowers around the edge.

The colour of the flowers will make the patio look prettier, characterful and a more pleasant place to sit, relax and enjoy.

Add a water feature

There is nothing quite as soothing, comforting and relaxing than the sound of water. Replicate a waterside location by making a water feature part of your patio. It might sound expensive but putting a source of water such as a fountain on your patio doesn’t need to cost too much money.

From stainless steel water fountains to a Bermuda log fall, water features come in a myriad of styles, designs and price ranges. Finding one that is within budget and is suited to the rest of your patio, garden and property in general, should not be difficult.

For a real soothing and serene environment, opt for a water feature that includes a small recirculating pump so you can enjoy the sound of trickling water.

Add some shade

Okay so here in the UK it is safe to say we don’t require shade all year round, or even in the summer for that matter. Nonetheless there will be days when the sun beats down and a patio would benefit from shade.

If planting a tree next to the patio is out of the question placing a canopy in one corner of the patio will provide shade in the summer as well as adding a stylish new dimension to the patio.

Make lighting part of your patio

With the nights’ drawing in sitting on a patio in the evenings will soon be impossible without the use of lighting. Give your patio personality and make it a practical place to sit all year round by using fairy lights, solar lights, lanterns, decking lights or even outdoor candles.

Now sit back, breath in the fresh air and enjoy your newly revamped patio that hasn’t cost the earth.