Simple and effective ideas to transform a buy-to-let interior design

Posted by admin - November 26, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Britain’s buy-to-let market has increased by £302 billion since 2009. It is now worth a staggering £930.7 billion, just short of £1trillion!

With many first time buyers finding it difficult to secure a mortgage and get on the property ladder, landlords’ housing assets are around 3.5 times more than they were in 2001.

As the demand for rental properties continues to grow, so does demand for stylish, modern and practical buy-to-let interiors.

If you are a landlord or are about to become a landlord, ensuring your property’s interior is geared towards the rental market will help optimise the rental yield, meaning you secure a greater monthly income from your buy-to-let investment.

Make your investment property more attractive to potential tenants and enjoy more money in rent each month by implementing the following buy-to-let interior design tips.

Put some modular furniture in various rooms

Modular furniture is made from individual building blocks. You can mix and match the blocks depending on how much storage you require.

It is ideal for rental properties as it provides tenants with ample storage, which can be easily removed at the end of the tenancy.

Introduce wallpaper panels

Wallpapering whole rooms is expensive, time-consuming and isn’t everybody’s idea of an appealing interior.

Adding some wallpaper to plywood panels and simply leaning them against the walls will bring an attractive splash of pattern and colour to the interior without costing you the earth!

When potential tenants visit the property, they’ll be impressed by the creativity and diversity these playful wallpaper panels bring to the home.

Don’t skimp on bed linen

There is nothing quite like new bed linen to change the look of a bedroom. Draping a luxurious quilt, pillows and cushions across a bed is almost guaranteed to make visiting rental seekers feel immediately at home.

Spending a little more on quality bed linen will also ensure your tenants are kept warmer during the winter, which could consequently lead to them spending less on energy bills.

Put a large mirror in the living room

Placing a large mirror on the wall in the living room will create the illusion of greater space in this important room. Mirrors also look stylish and reflect the light, both desirable traits in rented properties, after all who wants to rent out a dark and dingy property?


Hanging some colourful and interesting artwork on the walls will add personality, vibrancy and interest to a property.

Whether it’s a painting of a field of poppies or a still life of a bowl of fruit, putting some carefully chosen artwork on the walls is a simple and effective way augment a property’s appeal to potential tenants.

Statement rugs

Treat tenants’ feet by placing a funky statement rug on tiled, laminate or even carpeted floors. Not only can a stylish rug alter the overall look of a room but it will also help keep your property’s floor intact.

And there you have it, six simple and cost-effective ways to transform a buy-to-let interior and help optimise rental yields.

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