Seven Cosy Nook Ideas

Posted by admin - January 31, 2017 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

A nook can be a wonderful spot to think great thoughts, to read books cover to cover, and to draw sketches that no one else will see. Usually these cosy spots grow to life organically in small corners. As an adult, these nurturing creative spaces are difficult to prioritise; however, creating this space to grow, to think, and to dream is the best way to get away from it all. There are a few key components of a great nook that are consistent, no matter the age.

Using awkward space and corners

Nooks are perfect in weird hall alcoves, on top of ancient flat trunks, and in corners that aren’t being used. This is exactly where to place a favourite seat. From modern to bohemian, there’s a perfect seat out there that will match the desired vibe.

Brighten the space

Making a nook cosy, and not dreary, is completely dependent upon lighting. Set up a floor lamp behind a navy blue velvet wingback armchair. Using floor pillows as seating? Place a small wooden table nearby with candles. No space for candles or floor lamps? Place a mirror nearby to catch other light from around the room. Small twinkly stringed fairy lights hanging from the ceiling are a great option too.

Permanent coaster

Having a coaster nearby to put a favourite cup of tea or coffee is a must. Settling into a nook with a hot cup and no place to set it down is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Placing a coaster down ahead of time means the space is prepared, just in case.

Accessible blankets and pillows

Place blankets and pillows next to the nook. Make them accessible, within reach, and comfortable. Chunky knit, fun patterns, homemade quilts, and plush throw blankets all have their own functions. Think about what types of blankets and pillows will serve the created space.

Natural décor

Bringing in nature décor livens up the nook space. Fresh flowers, hanging air plants, or a potted fiddle leaf fig are all great options. No green thumb? No worries. An interesting piece of driftwood, shells from a beach vacation, or a Himalayan rock salt lamp would also do the trick.

Close off the space

It is important to make a nook feel secluded and set apart from the rest of the living space. Place a bookcase next to the chair, hang gauzy linen curtains above the nook, or place a small rug underneath the area.

Shrine material

Bring in a photo of loved ones, a framed quote from a favourite book, or a sheet of inspirational song lyrics to lay on top of a nearby side table. This item makes the space personal and completely unique.

Get creative about the nook location. A nook can be at the end of a bed, on a back porch, or even in an attic. The most important thing is just to make the space individualised, a place to think great thoughts and to dream the biggest dreams.