Industry Interview: Daniel Caplan, CEO of NEW i.D interiors

Should people invest in interior design when selling their homes to achieve a better sale price?
Having your property interior designed will always help with the saleability of any property. It is all about that first impression and it is a known fact that a prospective purchaser will make their mind up whether they like a property or not within the first few seconds of entering the property. So if you create the right impression that will help.

Do Show Homes help to sell both property and the value of adopting interior design?
Most new build house builders will now have one or even several show homes on their developments because they are selling a dream lifestyle and purchasers have aspirations. That does not mean that the developer will spend a fortune it is all relative to the value of the property and how many properties they have to sell. Barratt Homes developers of Bentley Priory in Stanmore Middlesex must have had about 8 different show homes done on this development for properties from £800,000 up to £3,500,000 approx.

Can bringing in an interior designer help to increase the value of your home?
Obviously bringing in an expert designer would always be better but it very much depends on budget. There are always inexpensive ways of dressing your property for sale in an inexpensive manner or even just a lick of neutral coloured paint can brighten the place up. The great thing about a designer is that they can visualise how to make a WOW interior which can be beyond a member of the public. Hence bringing someone in to help.

Which is the single most important piece of advice you’d give a person selling their home re presentation?
Generally and in conclusion having your home interior designed definitely will add some value to the property but most importantly will help sell the property much quicker. There is no particular budget for the interior design but is relative to the value of the property. You can attempt this yourself but it depends on how much work is needed. Our Designer Collection featuring furniture and accessories from the Kelly Hoppen London Range is a perfect solution to furnishing your property or dressing it for sale.

Thank you to Daniel Caplan, CEO of New i.d Interiors.
Published date 27th August 2015 Estate Agents Network Online

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