Points to consider before starting an interior design project

Posted by admin - February 26, 2015 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

Starting any interior design project, no matter how big or how small, can be daunting and challenging. You might be planning on modernising the colour scheme in your living room, or ripping out an old bathroom and replacing it with a new one. Whatever interior modification you plan to make on your property, success lies within the preparation.

To help the venture run smoothly and aid success, take a look at following tips every homeowner should be aware of before embarking on any interior design project.

Determine a budget

Like property itself, the cost of interior design projects vary hugely. Before you embark on the venture, it is important that you have a budget in mind.

Once you have set a budget you should factor in the different costs of the project, including materials, the designer’s fee, the decorator’s/fitter’s fee, furnishings and all other elements of the project you will need to pay for.

Ideally you should obtain several quotes off several designers, materials outlets, builders and the other services you may require to determine the best deal and to help you keep within budget.

Search for materials and designs that you like

When it comes to any aspect of home décor, you simply can’t spend too much time searching for designs that you like.

Whether it’s finding a new pattern of wallpaper for the master bedroom or choosing new flooring for the living room, dedicating plenty of time and effort into browsing through design magazines, brochures and websites, will give you some design ideas for the project.

If you do come across any style or feature you like, tear the picture out of the magazine, or take a picture of the design on your phone, as presenting these ideas to your interior designer will give them a much clearer understanding about the look you are wanting to achieve.

Have alternatives you can fall back on

You may have seen a fabric you have fallen in love with or a wallpaper you simple ‘can’t live without.’ Whilst finding ‘the one’ in a décor project is great, it is important to remember that ‘the one’ might sell out of become unavailable, leaving you thoroughly disappointed.

To avoid such potential setbacks, strive to have two or three alternatives you can fall back on in case there is a problem ordering a certain batch of material.

Work out a schedule and timeframe

Like virtually all projects, if a tight schedule isn’t drawn up and stuck to, it is easy for the venture to drag on for weeks and weeks.

Unless you want your furniture to be covered by dust covers for months, or scaffolding to be propped against the property for the best part of a year, it is important to plan out a schedule and place a timeframe on the project before any work begins.

Talk with the various teams and individuals involved with the project and ask for their projected timescale. Ask the designers to collaborate with the builders to mutually determine deadlines for certain parts of the home improvement venture. Encourage the various teams to work together to try to stick to the project’s deadline date.

And now you’re ready to get the wheels in motion for a fabulous and creative interior design project that is on target to go swimmingly.