Pet-Proof Your Home…The Stylish Way

Posted by admin - February 27, 2017 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

From mucky pups to clawing cats, pets are lots of fun; but sometimes the mess they leave behind is an extra house chore you can do without. Fortunately, taking a few simple pet-proofing steps can really help; discover how to pet-proof your home without sacrificing on style.

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics

Muddy paw prints, sharpened claws and shedding fur can make fabric choices for pet-owners seem a daunting task, but fabrics don’t need to be avoided. Search for sofas, cushions and rugs with small patterns preferably in dark colours if your pet has dark fur or a tendency towards mud baths. Wider areas of block colour allow a ‘blank canvas’ to collect stains, whilst smaller patterns divert attention from your pets ‘faux pas’ creating an effortless focal point. If you’re a cat owner, avoid woven styles and instead seek out luxurious velour-style materials. Velour is destined to be a glamorous spring trend in 2017, bringing a luxury feel to your room whilst avoiding kitty’s claws tugging tightly woven loops. For a simple, washable solution to keep your sofa looking its best, drape neutral throws in complimentary shades across the seats; the neutral tones will create a classic, cosy look without compromising on colour-scheme or upholstery choices.

Safely showcase breakables in their best light

Breakable, delicate items always seem to attract ‘accidental’ pet disasters, resulting in many pet-owners hiding their precious trinkets away. Consider investing in a stylish display cabinet to showcase your prized possessions – behind closed doors. Favour cabinets with glass doors and shelves which help to create space in the room or lighter wooden colours such as rustic white and beech. Dark-wood cabinets bring elegance and sophistication to the home but sometimes cast heavy shadows over smaller décor pieces; solve this problem by investing in some battery-powered cabinet lighting to add warm light to your cabinet space without unsightly wires. Your prized pieces can take the spotlight whilst staying safe from pet paws and tails.

Cupboard-proof prying paws and noses

There’s always that one naughty pet who seems to ‘go the extra mile’ when plotting mischief and kitchen food cupboards, wardrobes and storage cabinets are a magnet to nosey pets. Visit your local baby store or search online for child safety cupboard locks; these inexpensive plastic locks attach discreetly onto the insides of all types of door-openings adding just enough resistance to keep out little ones and our four-legged friends too.

Don’t sacrifice green space for ‘naughty nibblers’

Indoor plants are a great addition to any space, not only as air-purifying natural filters but also as fresh, inviting décor highlights. Both cats and dogs love to chew on plants (in the wild, chewing on grasses provides a digestive aid) but sadly many indoor plants are toxic to pets and don’t look so inviting with chew-marks! Create height by decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets and other high cupboards with trailing, leafy plants at a safe distance from your pets. Alternatively, consider adding some quality artificial plants to your rooms to maintain the natural look without the upkeep.