Novel Book Storage Ideas for Limited Spaces

Posted by admin - February 27, 2017 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Book collections are a timeless centrepiece in any true ‘bookworm’s’ home, but with space often being limited by other furniture priorities, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to book storage ideas.

DIY bookcases
Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are surely every reader’s dream but sadly a rare commodity in today’s smaller living spaces. However, a similar library-style charm can still be achieved with some fun DIY alternatives. Fill up empty wall space with floating shelves, nonchalantly piling books both horizontally and vertically to eliminate the need for bookends if your collection is on the larger side. Create a fun, rustic vibe by painting strong wooden crates in complimentary block colours to match your colour scheme, hanging them sideways on walls to create cute, floating book-boxes. Alternatively, achieve the same look with metal baskets to hone-in on spring’s metallic trend.

Remember: Books and coffee are always a great combo (in more ways than one!)

Even in small spaces, the addition of a coffee or side table is always a welcoming piece that helps to bring together a cosy atmosphere and can even help to add a clear separation between spaces in studio apartments. Look out for coffee tables with lower magazine shelves to fill out with stacks of books; it’s a nifty storage spot but also a great conversation starter when receiving guests, unveiling personality and a ‘lived in’ feel. If you’re feeling brave, take this idea one step further by building your own coffee table out of books; build strong supportive columns out of your collection (hardback novels are probably best here) adding an upcycled, distressed wooden ‘table top’ for a quirky, unique take on the traditional coffee table.

Create a reading nook

Be creative when seeking out a comfy reading space to curl up in; even in the tiniest of living spaces they’re always possible to create with a little imagination. In a studio setting, use a large standalone bookshelf to separate the living and sleeping space. If you’re lucky enough to have an under-stair space, add shelves to store your collection and don’t forget all-important reading lights. Turn an unused corner into a retro-style reading nook by adding a classic-style armchair and upcycled wooden ladder; when fixed to a wall, wooden ladders can be used as bookshelves whilst creating a dramatic, unusual focal point.

Dress-up book shelves to become style-standouts

Bookshelves always look their best when filled to the brim with books, haphazardly wedged in, oozing vintage charm. For those of you with smaller collections or décor pieces to display, however, books shelves can become a creative playground. Fill in empty shelves with stand-out décor such as lanterns (bonus points for fairy-lights inside), candles and trinkets. For those with an artistic flair, personalise your bookshelves by pasting patterned wallpaper to the backing for a fabulous colour pop. Finally, drape delicate LED fairy lights over the tops of cases, or in between books to bring a whimsical feel and add the piece-de-resistance to your novel book storage space.