Nikesh Parmar – Senior Designer

Posted by admin - September 27, 2013 - Designer Insights

Nikesh has been a senior designer within the New i.d team for 5 years and has built an enviable reputation amongst his clients and colleagues alike for his original and individual designs.

He specialises in private residential properties, placing the upmost importance on attention to detail for these projects. His design work starts with understanding the client’s tastes and aspirations and then creating attributes of their character into the interior scheme.

When questioned on the cycle of interior trends, Nikesh explains that styles are re-established with a new essence. Also agreeing with the other designers, he feels that interior trends are very much influenced by fashion and the evolving seasonal colours.

Nikesh considers himself to be a classic interior designer. Earlier in his career he often followed fashions, but now he prefers to follow his own creation base of eclectic and versatile design. He creates timeless interior spaces that remain independent of seasonal influences.