Must have office design trends for 2017

Posted by admin - March 30, 2017 - Inspiration, Interior Design

A good office should consist of a design that offers a practical yet creative working environment, which is spacious, airy and fully equipped with the necessary modern technology. The right office design can directly influence the work output of employees.

If you’re looking to improve the design of your office to enhance productivity and creativity within your workforce, take a look at the following ‘must have’ office design trends for 2017.

Open Spaces

The traditional office cubical has general been replaced with open spaces. Modularity has become an indispensable feature within offices of today with mobile partitions replacing cubicles. These are easily moved and repositioned to integrate with different furnishings.

Transparent walls

With the need for open space and natural light, glass is the new trend for office walls and divider panels. Glass lets natural daylight flood through the workplace and provides an environment that is easier to circulate thoughts and ideas to colleagues. The glass can easily be personalised and incorporate the company’s name or logo with graphics and textures.

The Smart Office

As the age of technology moves swiftly forward, the need for an efficient work area is in great demand. This is where the smart office comes into play, where office furniture, workstations and segregation walls are designed to discretely integrate the components of our much-needed laptops, tablets and screens into the tops of the work surfaces or embedded in walls.

This seemingly futuristic design gives the office a sleek finish and allows colleges to connect and share information promptly, thus creating an efficient and high performance workplace.

Flexible layouts

An essential factor for a flexible layout is the use of modular furniture which can be modified when certain requirements bring on the need for a change. Modular furniture can incorporate work chairs, soft seating areas, desk pods and workstations, along with furniture for relaxation zones.

Modular furniture is available in a whole array of colours to suit the work area, whether it be natural colours or zingy and fresh for that ultra-modern feel.

Bring the outdoors indoors

With office workers spending much of the working day deskbound and remaining in the office environment for anything up to eight hours a day, adding a little plant life into the office is like a breath of fresh air and gives a more natural ambience to the busy office space.

Bringing plants into the office is by no means a new trend; the odd spider plant can often be found perched on top of an old filing cabinet in the corner of a room.

Office designers are now however introducing a biophilic design into the office and incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, organic textiles and natural light into the workspace. Consequently, staff wellbeing is enhanced, which can result in higher levels of productivity.

These natural elements combined with fluid shapes and free-flowing lines are becoming a growing trend in the world of office planning designs.

At the end of the day the most important commodity in the office are the employees. A well-designed office can create higher motivation, positive productivity and a lower rate of absenteeism.