Making the most of a spare room

Posted by admin - June 24, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

A spare room laden with suitcases, broken furniture you feel loathe to throw out but have left untouched for years, unwanted toys and mounds of spare linen that’s rapidly gathering dust and cobwebs, is not conducive with a room ready to be used by guests or perhaps even a tenant or lodger. The good news is with a little know-how, effort and simple tricks, a spare room can be a stylish, fully-functional room in no time at all.

Take a look at the following ways you can make the most of a spare room with minimal effort.

Consider a stowaway bed

A spare room that’s been delegated to a place to store the household junk, immediately conjures of images of a room that has not been blessed with space. If your spare room is on the small side, consider putting a stowaway bed in it – a single bed which hides an additional bed underneath. You simply pull the bed out and the room is instantly turned into a double bedroom for a couple.

A neutral colour scheme

With guests or tenants of varying ages and tastes and of either gender potentially staying in the room, it would be wise to decorate with a more neutral, unobtrusive colour scheme.  You may be hooked on pink and floral bedroom décor but a male tenant or Grandpa Jack might not be too bowled over by such a bright and ‘feminine’ colour scheme.

If you do decide to decorate the walls with patterned wallpaper, limit the severity of the pattern by confining the wallpaper to just one wall, preferably the bed head wall. Bolder patterns typically work better in a spare bedroom as it doesn’t run the risk of the space looking like your Great Aunt’s pantry.

Instead, opt for calming, inviting and neutral tones. In order to perpetrate some life into the room and to ensure it’s not too impersonal, pick out accent colours in the curtains, bed linen or wallpaper.

Finicky with furniture

There are several spare bedroom furniture staples every guest room should possess. Naturally a bed is the most obvious. As we’ve already established stowaway beds work well in this type of room as they can fold down as a double bed if needs’ be. Similarly sofa beds work well, particularly if the space is used as a TV room or home office and is only used as a bedroom when guests come to stay. Whatever style of bed you opt for it, dressing it fairly flamboyantly with plump cushions and a silky quilted throw will add some glamour and life to the room.

A bedside table should also be present, preferably with a drawers so occupants of the room can hide their most personal possessions safely away, such as keys, their wallet and mobile phone.

Storage options are also vital in a guest room. If you’ve got the room a wardrobe with a full length mirror to bounce the light might be the best option. For rooms with limited space consider placing shelving on the walls for a place for guests to store their clothes and other belongings.

Use lamps instead of one central ceiling light

One central ceiling light glaring above your head is not the cosiest style of lighting. Whether your parents-in-law are coming to stay for the weekend or you are planning on letting the room out to a long-term lodger, the cosier the room the more inviting, welcoming and pleasurable it will become.

Lamps positioned on different levels and at opposite ends of the room will cast a warming and welcoming glow, which may prove difficult as the in-laws might not want to leave!