Making the most of a city garden

Posted by admin - September 28, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration

Being a spot of natural tranquillity amongst a sea of urban activity, city gardens can be a utopic feature of any city home. If you do own a city garden and want to make the most of your own little haven of peace and serenity, take a look at the following ideas designed to make the most of an urban garden.

Create a sitting area

In order to enjoy your urban outdoor space to the maximum it should comprise of a designated area for sitting. Even if the area is really limited for space, having a small and intimate seating spot will mean you can take a pew out in your garden and enjoy the composure of your outdoor space.

Keep it simple

Minimalist city gardens tend to work better than cluttered and ‘fussy’ ones, primarily due to the fact urban gardens are not typically blessed with too much space.

If your outdoor space doesn’t have yards of room to grow shrubs and have flowerbeds, opting for a minimalist style will ensure you have the space to manoeuvre and spend time in your city garden.

Define your boundaries

As your outdoor urban space should be somewhere that you can relax and wind down away from the rush of city living, the last thing you want is the prying eyes of other city dwellers constantly looking into your garden. This fairly common dilemma of city gardens can be easily rectified by defining your boundaries and shielding the outdoor space by erecting a high-standing border like fencing.

Not only will adding fencing to the space help keep your garden more private but it will also act as a design feature. Be creative when laying fencing in your urban garden by opting for a less conventional material such as bamboo to craft a more alternative, bohemian design element to a garden set within an urban environment.

Bring out the plant pots

As urban gardens are typically significantly smaller than gardens in the suburbs or in rural areas, having the room for flowerbeds and shrubbery can be challenging. Plant pots and hanging baskets overcome this challenge, providing splashes of colour, vibrancy and floral life to an outdoor urban space. Take advantage of the whole area by knocking hooks into fencing, external walls and other surfaces to hang colourful baskets adorned vibrant flowers. Let the flowers overhang the baskets to create as much floral life as possible.

Gimme shelter!

Of course with the unpredictable British weather, gardens, no matter how big or small, can be rendered unusable for much of the year. By simply placing some shelter in your urban garden you will be able to enjoy it even if the weather isn’t conducive with being outside!

Anything from having a parasol over the garden furniture to provide shade from the sun (we wish!) to shelter from the rain, to installing a more elaborate and permanent garden canopy into the space, will mean you can make the most of your urban garden, whatever the weather.