Makeover ideas for your back yard this summer

Posted by admin - April 24, 2014 - Current Trends, Inspiration

For most city dwellers having out door space is a real luxury. Whether you have a larger than average open space or an area the size of a postage stamp, there is plenty of exciting options to create an outdoor haven to relax and unwind or entertain your guests.

Pick up a paintbrush

A simple clean down can completely refresh an outdoor area, as can a simple coat of paint. It’s a well-known fact that a lick of paint can refresh and revive a tired room so why not apply the same principle to your outdoor area?

Treat your space to a trellis

Adding a trellis can divide a larger space. Trellises not only look beautiful with some plants twining around it but can also creates privacy from neighbouring homes. An abundance of shrubbery and plants will craft a beautiful focal point and enhance the space. Plants can tie the areas of space together and blend the structure to the surrounding landscape.

Fantastic flooring

Flooring tends to be confined to indoors projects but it’s important not to forget the floor when renovating an outdoor space. Pebbled areas can look perfect and enchanting in a fairy-tale secret garden style space. Or why not consider decking as a popular and inexpensive additional option?  Decking in any scale can revitalise an area and make it look defined and clear. In a larger space having a deck will offer the opportunity to define a specific area. It may be possible to open the door of your home straight onto a decked area, which therefore acts as an extension of a room.

Ensure an evening escape

In order to enjoy your outdoor area after dark ensure you consider lighting the space. There are so many options in terms of lighting. Candles housed in glass vases are stunning and craft atmosphere but to weather proof your yard you may wish to go for a more permanent option. The illumination of the lighting creates a warm and comforting space. Whether utilising small twinkling lights or a large standing outdoor lamp lighting will create a magical environment in which to unwind and enjoy all summer long.

Fabulous Furniture

Beautiful garden furniture is available to make your yard a real retreat. If space is sparse then why not add some stylish cushions to the area for seating that can be taken in and out of your home with the weather? Not only does furniture create a place to sit, eat and relax but it also generates an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

The home is where the heart is and not just internally. There are some wonderful, simple options for turning an outdoor space into a soothing sanctuary and the ultimate relaxation tool for our busy lives.