Winter balcony décor ideas

Winter is here and instead of hibernating inside our homes until the spring, it’s time to get outside and revamp external areas into spaces made for spending time in and enjoying all winter long.

And none more so than the balcony.

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, make sure it can be enjoyed to the maximum this winter by implementing the following winter balcony décor ideas.

Let there be light

For any outdoor space to be utilised during the dark months of winter, it needs to have sufficient lighting. Rather than just relying on the light from an adjoining interior room lighting up a balcony, treat the space to its own lighting.

From draping pretty fairy lights around the pillars, to placing candle lanterns in each corner of the balcony, giving this external space its own lights will make it considerably more cosy, inviting, and functional.

Throw in the throws

It’s safe to say balconies in Britain will be on the chilly side in the winter. It is therefore important not to scrimp on covering seating with plenty of cosy throws, cushions and faux fur blankets to help keep the family warm as the snow falls silently all around.

Make use of outdoor rugs

Rugs need not be confined to interior spaces. Rugs that are made specifically for outdoor spaces can be the perfect balcony accessory, bringing some warmth and comfort on those cold winter days and nights.

These robust rugs come in a multitude of styles and colours, meaning it’s not difficult to find one to harmonise the look and feel of your balcony.

Add a fire pit

If your balcony has sufficient space and it is safe to do so, adding a fire pit to the space can be the perfect way to warm frosty toes on cold winter days and nights.

Balcony furniture

Of course, if you’re spending time on the balcony, you’ll need somewhere to sit to relax and enjoy some al fresco socialising no matter what the winter weather throws up.

From metal benches to wicker chairs and wooden coffee tables, introduce tasteful furniture to your balcony décor for a real winter wonderland experience.


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