Why move when you can renovate instead: three home renovations projects to embark on in 2018

If you yearn for a bigger home but are loathe to pay the escalating costs associated with moving home and want to avoid going through the stress and upheaval moving inevitably brings, renovating your current property may be the ideal solution to your upsizing aspirations.

There’s plenty of creative and cost-effective ways homeowners can create more space and improve their properties without having to sell up and buy a new house.
Check out the following three home renovations and extensions that could become your home improvement projects of 2018.

Basement renovations

If you haven’t the room to build upwards or sideways, dig down! Many properties, particularly townhouses in large cities or towns, have basements or cellars attached. Whilst these lower ground floor spaces tend to be the place where bikes, tools and junk is stored, when designed and renovated correctly, they make cosy liveable spaces.

Basement conversions can be used for a myriad of household requirements, such as a playroom for the kids, an entertainment area, a spare bedroom, a home office, or a much-needed utility room. If the basement is big enough, it can even be used as a self-contained living space, giving older or younger generations living in the family home their own privacy and space.

Loft conversions

If digging down isn’t an option, then they only way to go might be up. With their slanted roofs and elevated position, lofts provide delightfully cosy and characterful living spaces. The great part about renovating an attic is that they can be refurbished in whatever style you crave and is in-keeping with the rest of the house.

For example, if you have a newer property in a contemporary style, you can design the attic with a strikingly modern look, with crisp palettes and sleek lines. By contrast, if you own an older, more traditional property, the loft can be designed in a rustic, cottagey style that complements the rest of the home.

A ‘granny’ annexe

Fondly referred to as a ‘granny’ annexe due to its reputation as being the place to put elderly parents so they can be cared for by the family whilst maintaining their own privacy and independence, these self-contained living spaces are becoming an increasingly popular solution for cross-generational living.

Converting an existing outbuilding in your garden into a self-contained liveable space with its own bathroom, kitchen facilities, electricity and other essential utilities, typically requires planning permission.

Again, self-contained annexes in the garden can be furnished to whatever style you feel is appropriate for the overall look and feel of the main family home, as they look great when decked out in both a contemporary and traditional style.

If you require any assistance with the design and planning of an extension or renovation project in your home in London and the South East, get in touch with New ID Living today, specialists in creating practical interior spaces with the wow factor.

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