What is ‘greige’ and why is it trending?

‘Greige’ – a playful amalgamation of the words ‘grey’ and ‘beige’ – is currently trending in the world of interior design. The reasons of greige’s growing appeal can be owed to its ability of offer ‘the best of both worlds.’

An overload of grey can make a room appear cold and dark. Too much beige runs the risk of a space feeling lacklustre, void of character and too basic.

As the name suggests, greige blends both grey and beige, and, by doing so, creates a stylish look that is warmer than a space adorned in solely grey and trendier than an all-beige colour scheme.

This trendy shade is also hugely versatile. Its warm and welcoming hues complement a range of living spaces well, with its silver undertones giving interiors an elegant, modern look.

Bringing balance to a room

Combining grey and brown, greige brings balance to a room. From gaudy, highly patterned curtains to a brilliant white rug, greige works well with virtually all tones and patterns, providing a stylish balancing element in any living space.

The perfect backdrop for artwork

Greige walls offer the perfect backdrop for artwork, mirrors and other wall accents. The neutrality of the tone will help bring artwork to life and ensure a room doesn’t feel ‘fussy’ with too much going on.

Mixing greige patterns

Greige doesn’t have to be plain either! Mixing two greige patterns works well, particularly in more personal spaces like bedrooms or home offices. For a bold, playful look, opt for striking greige patterns on different objects in a bedroom. For example, a greige patterns rug on the floor would be accentuated by some stylish greige bedding.

Set against crisp white or sophisticated black

This warm shade of grey, or dark shade of beige, also looks great when set against crisp white or sophisticated black. For example, if you’re opting for elegant greige walls in a dining room, painting the skirting boards, internal doors and ceiling in crisp white will accentuate the walls and give the entire room in super stylish, modern, and elegant look and feel.

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