Transform your home with these furniture painting ideas

Life in lockdown has been, for many, the perfect opportunity to tackle the forever growing list of DIY jobs and inject new life into our homes. One simple yet incredibly effective way to breath fresh life into living spaces is to give furniture a lick of paint.

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful way to spruce up your home in time for the summer, check out the following furniture painting ideas.

Chalk paint

Getting creative with chalk paint has been on the top of every interior designer and DIYer’s agenda for a number of years now, and this funky finish certainly remains ‘on trend’ in 2020.

Whether it’s the frame of a mirror in the living room, bedside tables in the master bedroom or a coffee table in the lounge, giving items a chalk paint finish will create a trendy, shabby chic look that will transform any type of living space.

Shades of white or off-white

White and off-white are among the most popular colours to paint furniture. The most sought-after of interior designers have been using light tones to craft a stylish and sleek appeal. Mixing up tones and incorporating vivid colours into a predominantly white item will bring a touch of dramatic glamour to your home.

Use spray paint

Painting furniture need not be confined to using traditional paint or chalk paint. Spray painting items like chairs and stools can create a fun, funky and stylish aesthetical look. This versatile covering can be used on furniture made from materials other than wood, such as plastic or even metal items.

Spray paint for furniture comes in a myriad of textures and colours, meaning finding the right one to transform your living space should not be difficult.

Bring out grey

Grey is an incredibly versatile colour that has been trending in the world of interior design for a number of years. Painting old items like chest of drawers, wardrobes, and kitchen stools in a stylish shade of grey, will breath new life into a room and will complement virtually every style and colour of interior.

Now’s the perfect time to get your creative hat on and start experimenting with different colours, textures, styles and finishes by painting the furniture in your home


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