Top Scandinavian design trends for 2023

Scandinavian design, characterised by minimalism, simplicity, and function, never goes out of fashion. The trend emerged in the early 20th century, and really started to flourish in the 1950s, particularly in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark.

Since then, this distinctly clean and unfussy interior design style has never been out of the décor spotlight and is constantly embraced by countries around the world.

And 2023 looks like no exception. If you’re determined to declutter your home and give it a Scandinavian makeover, check out the following top Scandinavian designs for 2023.

Water as a source of inspiration

The top interior designers will be diving deep with water-inspired décor in forthcoming months. Water-inspired design is synonymous with blues, whites, anchors, seashells, marine-life, and anything that resonates with seascapes and water. This Scandinavian décor style never feels dim or starved of light. Instead, light exudes into the room, creating an airy, positive vibe. Think wall accents, wallpaper, rugs, and furnishings that boast a water-infused pattern, to enjoy this trending style of décor in your home.

Japanese influenced Scandinavian décor 

Known commonly as ‘Zen’, this style is centred on clean and uncluttered living, which clings onto balance, order and a love of natural beauty. Traditional Japanese plants are a key feature in this type of design, such as bamboo and bonsai. But to give a living space a real Japanese cultural touch, opt for deep greenery in every room. Walls, screen grids, doors and frames made from natural wood are also leading elements in Japanese-infused décor. As are low plank tables with floor cushions and other clean-lined, modern furniture made from natural wood.

Orange and pink

Another on-trend type of Scandinavian design is infusing orange with pink. These vibrant and energetic tones will light up any home. Think fabrics, wallpaper, and colour schemes of hot fuchsias and zesty oranges to bring life and energy to your home, while maintaining the Scandinavian penchant for minimalism and restraint.

Inspiration from the mushroom kingdom

Turn your home into a fungi fortress with mushroom-inspired décor that’s in-keeping with a Scandinavian design. Think lamps with a mushroom design, fungi-adorned wallpaper, and mushroom-coloured paint, for a décor that evokes the ultimate symbol of renewal, growth and transcendence.

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