Top interior design for autumn 2022

After this summer’s sweltering, record-breaking temperatures, it’s hard not to turn our attention toward red leaves, cooler temperatures, and new styles for the home.

If you are keen to give your home a seasonal update, check out the following trends to watch in autumn 2022.

A classic home office


The Covid-19 pandemic continues to shape our working lives. A home office that is conducive to comfort, concentration, creativity, and productivity, has never been more important.

The classic office look of rich leather and wood continues to be popular. In this style of home office, a writing desk and executive chair radiate sturdiness and reliability from the heart of the room, while a home library provides a comforting backdrop for the mind – not to mention creating a professional look for videoconferencing.

For those more minimally inclined, corner desks maximise open space and minimise clutter. Set beside a window, they invite natural light, which can in turn increase focus.

This said, 70s style home offices are making something of a resurgence. Rounded desks, flatweave rugs and rattan-backed retro office chairs make a firm break from the more minimalist, clean lines of Scandi-style design. For those who want something different, this might be one to watch.

Earth tones


Autumn is all about earth tones, and this year is no exception. Shades of umber, burnt orange and mustard, splashes of green and red are synonymous with cuddling up when the nights draw. Couple earthy tones with soft furnishings, such as fluffy coverlets, velvet throws and plumps cushions, for a stylish and in-season look.

With the darker days, autumn interiors should not scrimp on lighting. Use colourful drum lampshades, adorn fireplaces with candles, and remove any clutter from windowsills to optimise the natural light filtering into the room.




Cottagecore is an interior design trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The style embraces a simple, sustainable existence that is harmonious with nature. As the name suggests, cottagecore is all about celebrating the charm of English countryside, with vintage furniture, stone features, plush seating, and plenty of wicker baskets.



This autumn will see the much-loved classicism style return to the trendiest of homes. Classicism in design involves rich-looking doors and windows. Typically retro, features and fittings are abundant with decorative elements and engravings which are evocative of the grandeurs of the Greek and Roman ages.


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