Top Flooring Design Trends

Flooring is one of the most noticeable features of any type of room. Quality and stylish flooring can transform the look and functionality of a room.

If you are thinking about upgrading your flooring sometime soon, take a look at the following top flooring design trends that may give you some inspiration.


Mosaic flooring is on trend at the moment and looks especially effective in bathrooms. Mosaics are available in different colours, patterns and shapes, so finding one to suit your individual taste and the style of your home shouldn’t be difficult.

Black and white and patterned mosaic flooring is proving particularly stylish this year.

Bleached flooring

If brown wooden flooring is making your room look drab, you might want to breathe some life into the space by opting for a softer, white-washed look.

Bleached flooring is a trendy alternative to traditional wooden flooring and involves applying a chemical solution to the flooring to get rid of any colour. Rather than losing the charm of a natural wooden floor, bleached flooring retains the character but can make a space feel significantly brighter and different by removing the colour.

Bleached flooring can look great on interiors wanting to create a shabby-chic, distressed look.

Graphic tiles

Why not be bold and daring with your interior by jumping on the trend of having graphic tiles installed in different spaces?

Tiles of unique and playful patterns and bold colours are making inroads in the world of interior design and are being lapped up by creative homeowners wanting to create a statement.

Hold no bars when choosing the patterns, images and tones of these fun and funky tiles, which can be used in any room to cause a real talking point.

Reclaimed wood

Flooring made from reclaimed, recycled wood looks fantastic in any home, transforming the flooring into a striking feature with environmental benefits.

Concrete flooring

Another increasingly popular flooring trend is concrete flooring. This type of flooring involves the concrete going through an artificial process to reduce the polished look and create a worn-out, distressed staining.

Similar to bleached flooring, concrete floors can make a great additional to decors centred on a distressed or industrial look.

Monochrome flooring

Black and white decors are making a comeback and none more so than black and white flooring. The thicker, bolder and more luxurious the black and white tiles are, the better.

Monochrome tiles look particularly effective in bathrooms but are increasingly making their way into other rooms and can make a funky, striking and elegant statement in dining rooms, bedrooms and other living spaces.

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