Top five décor trends for the autumn

Dare we say it, the autumn is fast-approaching! As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to curl, now could be a good time to reevaluate our interiors and introduce some autumnal elements.

If you’re wanting to give your home a seasonable revamp, check out the following top five décor trends for the forthcoming season.

  • Layered lighting

A ‘must have’ design trait for the darker months ahead is layered lighting. Layering lighting can be achieved by placing lighting in different positions in a room. Couple a table lamp with an overhead chandelier, for example, to illuminate different areas in a living space, and create striking lines and shadows. Floor lamps work well in a layered lighting layout, as do wall lights to brighten up every nook and cranny in a home.

  • Bold earthy tones

Autumn simply wouldn’t be autumn without bold earthy tones in every room. Mix rich terracotta with bright greens, yellows, and blues to bring a warm and vibrant look primed for the season. 2023 has been all about browns and pinks, fused with snippets of red. Mix earthy tones with moody neutrals for a super stylish look this autumn.

  • Sustainable materials

Sustainable interiors have been trending all year and are poised to gain further momentum in the new season. From bamboo and rattan, linen and cane, fill your home with eco-friendly materials for a responsible and ultra on-trend look.

Aluminium is one material that is making its way into the trendiest of homes. This polished material can be recycled endlessly, making it one of the most sustainable metals you can use in a home.

  • Stone trims

Continue a sustainable feel by getting completely on-trend with stone trims. From windowsills to door frames, placing stone and marble trims around the room will create a timeless feature that’s fresh for the new season.

  • Bring out the wavy stripes

Stripes have been another must have feature throughout 2023 and as we move into autumn, they are taking on something of a wavier theme. Yes, wavy stripes are being sold as a recipe for mindfulness and tranquilities in the home, perfect as the nights’ draw in and the colder days approach. Think patterned wallpaper boosting wavy stripes or cushions, bed covers and carpet donning a similar pattern to evoke feelings of relaxation and calm this autumn.

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