Tips for decorating a ceiling

Ceilings. They should be white and inconspicuous, right? Wrong! Ceilings of all rooms and in all types of property can look fabulous when they are made to stand out. In fact, by drawing the eye upwards, they can make a room appear taller and bigger, providing you get it right.

Here’s some top tips of decorating the fifth wall in a room.

Wallpaper the ceiling

So, you might need to get a professional decorator in for this one, but putting wallpaper on a ceiling will definitely bring some wow factor to a room. Go for bold colours and stand-out patterns to ensure the ceiling creates an impact.

Add a chandelier

Chandeliers. They’re so yesteryear, right? Not necessarily. Chandeliers come in many different styles and sizes, including crystal, lantern, candle style, and more. The dimension of the living space is key to choosing the right chandelier. The general rule of thumb regarding chandelier height is three inches for every foot of space between the floor and the ceiling.

Paint the ceiling the same colour as the rest of the room

Painting the ceiling the same colour as the other walls might sound like risking colour overload. On the contrary, it can create a cosy and atmospheric look that makes a space appear to be bigger by essentially extending the walls to the ceiling.

Paint the ceiling in a contrasting colour

By the same token, a ceiling painted a completely different colour to the rest of the room will bring some also bring the wow factor into a living space. Think gold ceilings against dark blue walls, green ceilings against white walls, and even purple ceilings against grey walls. The more different and dramatic, the better.

Clad the ceiling in wood

A beautiful clad ceiling will enhance a living space, whether it’s a living room, lounge, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. The wood however must undergo treatment to ensure its durability and maintain its stunning and authentic aesthetic appeal.


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